28 April, 2018  

A love of travel

I'm not sure if this is an Eat, Pray, Love journey though travel, especially for this year but it has been forming into something like it. It started off in Thailand because there was a need for me (within myself) to visit my old host family (more on my teaching adventures in 2015, here), and "return" to the place where my love of travel and autonomy fully started.

This journey was so necessary. I had been working constantly for the past 2 years with no break in sight. I was hustling multiple jobs and drained. I didn't realize how drained I was until I got off my flight and landed in Bangkok. It was a bit like everything that I had been giving was starting to come back to me. I made the decision to travel and fly when so much of my life felt like it was out of control-- and at that point, the main thing that I did have control over was getting on that flight and jetting out. So I did. I traveled to Thailand, and then I went to Sri Lanka, and then I visited Malaysia for good measure.

Who knew the best place for a tropical jungle selfie would be in the middle of Bangkok??
 (Jim Thompson House).
You're always such a different person from a month ago,
a week ago, and surely a year ago. (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Galle, Sri Lanka
(Also Galle, Sri Lanka)
In Galle, Sri Lanka there's a restaurant called, "A tuk tuk away!"

I found myself most centered and connected in Sri Lanka. It's tropical weather, and spice-filled food took me home to Tema, Ghana. The fresh King Coconut, the breezy palm trees, the weather, and every little thing took me back to "home."

Hi Monkey!
A spontaneous trip to the north of Thailand for a pleasant New Years! (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Hi baby elephant! :) (Sri Lanka)

I delve deeper this trip, and decided to keep living in spite of the rapid changes that I felt during this time. I got the inspiration and vision to develop new ideas for myself and towards my larger and grander goals. I found the ability to ground myself wherever my physical location was. I got the chance to breathe and walk slower. To take a bicycle and bike around the paths that soon became familiar to me. I got a chance to eat! Oh my goodness, I ate so much. Dumplings, curry and rice, sticky rice, fried chicken on a stick, sweet desserts, lamprais, ginger chicken, everything under the sun; you name it. I got to read and just lay on a hammock. I saw my old students and cried quicker than sand. I cried because my heart got to see familiar voices and faces of my host family and host parents. I cried because they didn't think I would return, even though I kept my promise. I cried because I felt God in so many different dimensions during that time. My love of travel and wanderlust has been with me since the creation of this blog almost a decade ago.

I read my old posts from this blog and I get some chills because some of the things that I wrote about came into fruition and I realize that I had this "wanderlust" for as long as I can imagine. I was starting to wonder if there was something that was wrong with me or something that I needed to resolve personally but I'm glad to know that I always had a vision for other "lands" and sights.

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25 March, 2018  

The reality is that people will disappoint you, and sometimes hurt you, but what matters is being able to release some attachment of expectations. It feels like such a thin line because naturally, that is what we do. We get excited for things. We build up certain ideals. All these things and sometimes those perceived ideas come to fruition and other times they don't.. So what's the balance? How can it still make sense fully?



Wow, I'm back to write my thoughts and feelings into this vortex in the interwebs.

I guess I'm feeling like I can't talk to anyone else about this. Social media and other outlets barely feel like they are "mine" anymore. It all seems to be developed into a "brand" where I can't share personal things to all my friends at the same time. I thought it was obvious to some that the life you post on instagram and such, isn't always representative of your actual life because there are just some things are you keep to yourself. Or posting once a month a really nice picture doesn't mean that this is the life that I'm living all the time. Sometimes it just doesn't feel like mine. This isn't a cry for help or frustration, but just my thoughts circling here.

18 September, 2017  

But a Breath of a Moment

The hard moments in our lives are defined by those who stayed and loved and encouraged us during those times. It can hurt and it will continue to hurt, but I know that I will be able to make it through. We all make it through. The most important thing, that this moment is only temporary, instead it is but a breath of a moment in my life.