19 January, 2014  

To Live: I Want to Live

What does it mean to really live?
I've come across this topic several times. Often with motivational speeches that say "live your life", "it's far too short."

For me, I want to live more than an ordinary life. It may sound overplayed and misunderstood. But I don't want to merely exist but I want to live a life worth living. To me, it means taking advantage of all the opportunities that are made available to me. And to take advantage of those opportunities with a sound mind and good judgment. I don't want to be held down to the pressures and anxiety that come with society. Including, making decisions based on others' perceptions and not my own. As a young person, there are so many pressures that often bog your mind and lay heavy on my heart. For me, A lot of "really living," is the conscious decision to not allow life's failures to get you down. I take failures as lessons learned for the future. I've always heralded the principle of "living for yourself," I feel that once you know who you are not what  others think of you, is when you're able to start living. I want to live the life that was created for me. My faith holds that I am living this life for much more than myself. For some people living is enjoying a great book, traveling to a new city, going out to eat, visiting a family member or even dialing a friend. Case in point, I want to live.

These are just some pictures that I found inspirational.

We’re all In search of something greater and beyond ourselves. Right?
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