25 June, 2017  


Hey there, It's been so long since I've written here, but for some reason, the timing felt apt. I'm currently riding on a bus back down the Jersey turnpike on my way from a weekend getaway to New York. I've been to New York countless times to visit family, friends or to grab a quick bite to eat. For some reason, this trip feels a lot different than the others. I arrived Friday night to grab drinks with an old friend, then Saturday I hung out with my cousin around Williamsburg and later that night I got dinner with a friend and a broadway musical shortly after. I'm not sure what is but this trip had me to think a lot more about my post-graduate life and what sort of life (in the immediate sense) do I see for myself?

/Realization 1: My life is not my work, and my work is not my life. With this being said, it's very easy to conflate the two and focus on that. I've realized that for the past 3/4 years of my life, I have looked at this as so. The more I look at this, the more I realize that while work is something that takes up a lot of one's time and eventually molds into a large portion of your life... still.. work isn't one's life.

Realization #2: I gotta get out of DC. I have been in MD for the past 15 years, and in DC for the recent 4 years. I've done everything that there is to do and I don't believe that there's nothing more for me after my 24th birthday. It's a great city that is so exciting and wonderful and etc. But, I can also recognize when it's time to make an exit and search for something different. and exciting. I can see myself possibly coming back to this area but overall, I'm a young 23-year old, and I can recognize the power that I have in space. With this being said, it's really easy to get trapped or sucked into staying here because not too many branch out. To be fair, DC/MD is a beautiful area and is a great center for work/professional life and also being able to enjoy things. and hence why it is not incredibly tempting to branch out. I have had a good amount of friends head to NY, TX, a lot of other friends doing some out of the country stuff.. but Yeah it definitely feels "right" for me to make the exit. I'm really glad I feel this way because I don't think I would've been able to give you the same

Realization #3: I'm not doing so bad at this life thing. I'm trying a lot of different experiences, getting my feet wet-- and in other cases, immersing my entire body into the pool, but overall, I'm pretty badass at a lot of this stuff. I'm of course grateful to a lot of my experiences that I've had and resources that I've not only been given but also made.

I'd love to return to this blog and my writing and continue writing down my memories in a public-private space like this again.. I felt a "block" for a really long time, and it seems like it's finally being removed now.

with love,


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