22 April, 2013  

Take me on a Trip

I'd like to go someday...

I've realized that when you're given an opportunity. To take it.

I came home with a feeling of gratefulness, and fatigue! In all honesty, I hope to have more trips like this. Whether they are excursions or long stays, I want to get more opportunities as such. My naive mind has so much to learn and observe. Of course, if I was given a round trip ticket back to my home, Ghana, I wouldn't deny it. But, if God blessed me with a volunteering opportunity abroad, or work, or schooling, or life, or love. Who am I to deny that? Maybe that is a question I have to question Him with. And I will be going to another VegFest this weekend (Read my VegFest previous post), so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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