18 November, 2014  

Breaking Bread.

Tanzinya: Great and inexpensive restaurant!

I caught up with some of my good friends to "break bread" and enjoy our conversations as usual. The past week came with its typical amount of stress. I have been learning and implementing a more stress-free life. I think that also involves more time spent with those who matter. In a way, I consider that a time out for myself. I appreciate that the people that I have in my life are willing to engage in authentic discussion with me. Often, I find it incredibly easy to get swept up in the concerns of everyday. I've been learning more and more to enjoy the dailies of life and friends. I'm still working on the family part.

-38 days until Ghana

with love,

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10 December, 2013  

The Bean Curd of my Desire

And the weekend is complete! I went to Chinatown, DC (hence the title) and went to dinner to celebrate a friends belated birthday. It was nice to break away from the pace of classes and the "norm." We ate at Nando's, this Portuguese spot in DC. I had a perfectly seasoned veggie burger and rice. My friends all had Nando's grilled chicken, of course. It was a great time of laughter and friends. With classes ending this week and finals next week, I'm feeling in the reflective state. Overall, this school year and my God has been good to me. Actually, I would say that the last couple of years have been good to me. I definitely wouldn't say that it has been filled with endless joy and excitement. But I've realized that in order to appreciate the "ups" in life, you have to know the "downs." And I am grateful for those "downs" and low points. If my next series of posts is at the beginning of January, don't be surprised because I am sure to begin my hibernation after exams. 

"Fortify yourself with contentment, for this is an impregnable fortress." - Epictetus

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