07 December, 2013  

And the End Begins

* A lil' update: I am team #iPhone, officially! I used to despise Apple's phone quality but they've improved greatly over the years, and that excites me.

I have officially started the weekend off with movie-night (OK, more like Real Housewives of Atlanta night, but you get the point) and dinner with good friends. This week has been a filled and busy week (what's news haha), and I really was waiting for Friday to roll around the corner. I had a big test this Friday, and the professor posted grades later that night (technology is really on a different level these days). However, I faired well. Additionally, today was the last day of the "Fall" portion of my internship. I will resume in the Spring semester. Our main manger coordinated a final meeting. It was a good excuse to eat pizza and discuss internship experiences with the other interns. Overall, the weekend has just begun.

I think it is quite appropriate to direct you all to Drake's "Versace." 

You're welcome.

Have a great weekend everyone xx

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