18 November, 2014  

Breaking Bread.

Tanzinya: Great and inexpensive restaurant!

I caught up with some of my good friends to "break bread" and enjoy our conversations as usual. The past week came with its typical amount of stress. I have been learning and implementing a more stress-free life. I think that also involves more time spent with those who matter. In a way, I consider that a time out for myself. I appreciate that the people that I have in my life are willing to engage in authentic discussion with me. Often, I find it incredibly easy to get swept up in the concerns of everyday. I've been learning more and more to enjoy the dailies of life and friends. I'm still working on the family part.

-38 days until Ghana

with love,

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07 August, 2014  

Hello Brooklyn, how you doing?

I planned a mini vacation in Brooklyn for the past weekend. I stayed with some family. It was freeing and comfortable to take a break from my continuous summer work. When I arrived in BK, it no longer contained a sense of alienation and foreign land. I felt at peace. I wouldn't say that I felt as comfortable as I do when I'm in DC but it was close. I had the greatest time visiting friends and of course catching up with family.

While I was there, I felt myself thinking about "adulthood" and what it means to really be do things by yourself in the world. I understand that when you are in college, there is a certain level of adulthood. However, I refer to that experience as "supervisory adulthood" because even in that experience, there is a sort of "bubble" setting. It's a setting that plays a proxy of the real world but doesn't quite make the mark. The real world is very different and very big compared that of a sheltered setting. I would like to think that I am ready for what that entails but I think that in life there is a certain level of unexpectedness that you can't study, prepare or train towards. And I think that it is in those moments that you have to grab life by the horns and hang tight. Hopefully, I'll learn how to enjoy the ride.

Gran Electrica Restaurant (Dumbo, Brooklyn)

But alas, my mini vacation was nice but it felt so great to be home. I let out a sigh of comfort once I hit the Gallery (Chinatown).


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21 March, 2014  

Birthday Wishes

Uncle Julio's: Butterfly Shrimp, Rice and Beans, Tortillas

I've been blessed with yet another chance at life, love and the pursuit of my happiness. This birthday was a little bit different than others previously. I did not get that jittery sense of anxiety in the moments leading up to this day. Or even the fulfillment for a countdown. When I woke up today, I still felt the same (I think everyone can agree on this with me). I think what was different about this day was that I was alone. And this is not to say that I spent the day sulking, because I enjoyed a nice brunch with my brother and mother. But I was alone in the sense that, I was on break from school, away from my social scene, and I was just enjoying this precious moment in the comfort of my home and family. I am glad I got to experience this part of my life with them. Being in college and the mid-20's, we often get caught up in the world of academics, friends and parties. I think that it is important to remain humbled because (for most of us) family is one of the stones that we use to hold us firm in our beliefs, values and sometimes sanity. This past year has taught me so much about myself and I am still learning as a young adult. Overall, I am blessed to live yet another day. In retrospect, it's so interesting to watch yourself over the years and even more interesting to watch your identity form. Things surely aren't perfect on my end of things but I'm looking forward to the rest of the year. Next month alone, I plan on participating in a 5k run, celebrating the Hindu holiday Holi and roughing it in the Shenandoah mountains. I'm exploring the facets of my life that I've never considered before and were once a mystery. I hear that there is point in your life where you begin to look at things in a different view. Frankly, I maybe at that point. I'm realizing that the strongest opinion I can have is one of myself and I am my biggest supporter and motivator. I am fortunate enough to be given opportunities that allow me to explore that side of myself. I'm excited for what is to come and I only look forward it. Here's to another year. 

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23 February, 2014  



Again, I keep reminding myself that it's all about finding the little treasures in the most unsuspecting places. As a typical college student, I'm succumbed to the repetitive meals of my dining hall and the occasional night out. Well, today was the exception. I was visiting a friend earlier that weekend and I noticed that she had a few items from the organic store. We decided to take a trip the next day. I surely don't regret it! Back in my hometown, there was a Mom's Organic Store which was my saving grace in a meat-consuming household. Upon arriving to college, I realized that my options were again restricted. But I happy to report that upon taking a short metro bus ride along a short, beaten-off path that describes a borough of D.C., we were able to find Yes! Organic. I wanted to take more pictures inside, but I was too amazed! We picked up good stuff and headed back. The total came to a decent amount. From previous shopping experience in organic stores,I wanted my budget and model like.

On an aside, I'm so grateful that I have a steady on-campus job, where I am able to fit things like this into my budget. Just another blessing that is worth counting to me. I will be posting again very soon, about something in the works regarding my "travels" section. 

Until then,

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07 December, 2013  

And the End Begins

* A lil' update: I am team #iPhone, officially! I used to despise Apple's phone quality but they've improved greatly over the years, and that excites me.

I have officially started the weekend off with movie-night (OK, more like Real Housewives of Atlanta night, but you get the point) and dinner with good friends. This week has been a filled and busy week (what's news haha), and I really was waiting for Friday to roll around the corner. I had a big test this Friday, and the professor posted grades later that night (technology is really on a different level these days). However, I faired well. Additionally, today was the last day of the "Fall" portion of my internship. I will resume in the Spring semester. Our main manger coordinated a final meeting. It was a good excuse to eat pizza and discuss internship experiences with the other interns. Overall, the weekend has just begun.

I think it is quite appropriate to direct you all to Drake's "Versace." 

You're welcome.

Have a great weekend everyone xx

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08 September, 2013  






I write to you as a survivor of first week of classes! It wasn't all that morbid. My classes are all straight forward- which is great because it leaves little room for confusion afterwards. I am making friends here and there. Still trying to get a balance of both academics (come first) and social life. Anyways, I headed to DC with my brother for a short trip. Another convenience of my university- close proximity to DC. We headed to the National Gallery of Art (see the first series of pictures). We barely scraped the surface when we visited. It is a pretty detailed and thorough museum. There is also an outside garden portion. I think touring the museum will wait for another day. Later we walked down to a local shop - Shake and Shack. They had great food! They even had a mushroom burger for people like me. While my brother and I sat down to enjoy our food, an interesting thing happened. As I dove into my 'shroom burger, my brother says "do you hear that??". As I stopped and turned my head, I hear this loud stomping- almost like an army is stomping through the streets. We turn and there is a massive anti-syria protest marching through the streets. What are the odds right? I'll finish this story in a secondary blog post.

Until then,

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