18 November, 2014  

Breaking Bread.

Tanzinya: Great and inexpensive restaurant!

I caught up with some of my good friends to "break bread" and enjoy our conversations as usual. The past week came with its typical amount of stress. I have been learning and implementing a more stress-free life. I think that also involves more time spent with those who matter. In a way, I consider that a time out for myself. I appreciate that the people that I have in my life are willing to engage in authentic discussion with me. Often, I find it incredibly easy to get swept up in the concerns of everyday. I've been learning more and more to enjoy the dailies of life and friends. I'm still working on the family part.

-38 days until Ghana

with love,

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07 August, 2014  

Hello Brooklyn, how you doing?

I planned a mini vacation in Brooklyn for the past weekend. I stayed with some family. It was freeing and comfortable to take a break from my continuous summer work. When I arrived in BK, it no longer contained a sense of alienation and foreign land. I felt at peace. I wouldn't say that I felt as comfortable as I do when I'm in DC but it was close. I had the greatest time visiting friends and of course catching up with family.

While I was there, I felt myself thinking about "adulthood" and what it means to really be do things by yourself in the world. I understand that when you are in college, there is a certain level of adulthood. However, I refer to that experience as "supervisory adulthood" because even in that experience, there is a sort of "bubble" setting. It's a setting that plays a proxy of the real world but doesn't quite make the mark. The real world is very different and very big compared that of a sheltered setting. I would like to think that I am ready for what that entails but I think that in life there is a certain level of unexpectedness that you can't study, prepare or train towards. And I think that it is in those moments that you have to grab life by the horns and hang tight. Hopefully, I'll learn how to enjoy the ride.

Gran Electrica Restaurant (Dumbo, Brooklyn)

But alas, my mini vacation was nice but it felt so great to be home. I let out a sigh of comfort once I hit the Gallery (Chinatown).


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25 June, 2014  

To Find Joy in the Little Things

Having this summer break has afforded me with the opportunity to take a break and unlearn my high pressure and tense habits. It has been tough. For the first few weeks in June, I focused mostly on working and checking off my daily to-do list. I found myself almost in the position of a "lifer", working (albeit, productive work) from 7 to 8, then starting back up the next day.  At times, it is nice to be isolated, but at others, it can be the pit of a fruit. Seeking inspiration, I bought a new canvas and new paint tools. Once I get a new sketchbook, I will be set. It is just good to get back to habits that were great tranquilizers, even when I didn't know it. At times, this blog provides a similar sentiment, however, it gets tough when you lack inspiration or you find yourself stifled by your environment to articulate your thoughts. Art has never done those things for me.

I met with my language partner (a program on campus, that connects international students with English students to advance proficiency in English) to have dinner. She texted me earlier that day that she was going grocery shopping to cook us a meal. I was so excited to enjoy an authentic Chinese meal, I made sure to confirm. I arrived at her place with gusto, ready to trying out her cooking. First and foremost, I am amazed with people who have some knowledge of the kitchen and its' tools. It is pretty inspiring to see people who can focus on one goal for more than 10 minutes. I'd like to invite her to enjoy some authentic Ghanaian food, but who am I kidding? I would hate for her to arrive at my place in total disappointment at the abundance of fried plantains and filler foods, in substitution for proficient and advanced cuisine. This might explain why I'm a part time food blogger?

Anyway, speaking of food.. I should have more posts on local spots and the good places to eat on a dime! The "college struggle" hasn't hit my summer paycheck yet, however, it's coming! So I do keep a budget in mind when eating out with friends. My time is much more loose in the coming month, so I should have time to explore cuisine outside of the bounds of College Park.

So back to this blog title! Why the little things? It's the little things that we often oversee in favor of grander gestures or larger-than-life debuts. It is because of the little features of life that we find inspiration, courage and hope. And at times, it is at fault of those little things that we attribute our mistakes towards. I found my "little thing" today. I decided to have dinner with a friend and have stimulating conversation. To simply put it: I enjoyed their presence. Their gesture of preparing one more cup of ingredients for an additional mouth was more than enough for me to feel appreciated. Am I getting too deep?

Until my next epiphany,

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10 May, 2014  


Still on my "adventuring" tip, I went downtown to visit my good friend. At this point, I think it is safe to call D.C. my city. I've always found it so easy to hop on the metro and select a destination. I find a sort of familiar comfort of the sights and views but equally have the experience of new sounds and feelings. To quickly digress, I am equally glad that I don't live in the center of the city. One, because of the exorbitant expenses (food, oh goodness!). Two, I think that that once you live in such a fascinating and (sometimes) overwhelming place, you tend to dismiss everything as "average" or  "ok." When in reality, there is such beauty everywhere. We surely stopped to enjoy the eats and beauty. We caught from all things related to academics, career focuses and the all-popular topic of love interests. Through our conversation, we both came to the affirmation that we aren't ones to settle. I've always known this about myself and my relationship pursuits. However, I am at the point in my life that I am comfortable with my pertinent relationship status. While it's important to never settle, I have come to understand that I also have to be at my absolute best prior to committing myself to another person. And I am having such a great time in carving out my life to be best person not only for a future partner but inevitably for myself. And that's what matters the most. Hope you enjoy these flicks as much as we did.

Shake Shack (Shroom burger)

Until then,


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Passport Adventures

We stopped to eat at Zorba's Cafe (GREAT food btw). This Greek and meditterean place was absolutely delicious. I had such Greek fever that I actually went home to watching a classic favorite of mine, My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

I had such a great day with my friend and new blogger, Ambra. It's so funny how friendships start out. I met this bubbling soul last summer, while beginning my first semester as an undergraduate student. It wasn't until this semester, that our relationship has begun to bloom as we discover our common identities and interests. This past saturday, we decided to embark on the PassportDC's embassy tour. We had the goal of visiting each other's residential embassies, with Ambra's being Albania and mine being Ghana. We were able to visit a few other embassies along the way before reaching each others. Unfortunately, we were unable to reach Ghana's for its' distance was too far and with rumbling stomachs, we had to make a decision. Overall, it was a great day to take a break and destress from the chaos of courses. We got some really great pictures out of them, hope you enjoy.

Until then.

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15 April, 2014  

To Live: Concrete Playhouse 4.15.14.

42nd Street
Champ's Family Bakery, Brooklyn, New York 11211
Champ's Family Bakery, Brooklyn, New York 11211

Chinatown market

This past weekend, I went on a day-trip to New York with a few of my fellow herbivore friends (vegan/vegetarian). We're all part of an on-campus group and decided to head up to NY (a place known for awesome veg options) to try out some great food. SO yes, I can officially say that I have traveled for my food. A bit insane. Glutton? no. Shameless? hell yeah. Honestly, I thought of this trip as just a cheap option to hop on and visit a cool city. I really left a bit different. As a vegetarian for 5 years and still going, I could never see myself as a vegan. Originally, I decided to become a vegetarian because of the overwhelming products and chemicals used in farming and meat processing. It was nauseating to imagine myself putting in these harmful chemicals into my body. Nevertheless, when the question of veganism came up, I wondered why people would torture themselves to a rabbit myself with few luxuries like peanut butter. How ironic, right? I'm sure people would say the same about vegetarians. Anyways, as I write this blog post, I find myself leaning towards a vegan lifestyle. I'm testing out the waters a few days a week to see how it goes. If it something that I do once or twice a week (vegan mondays, etc), that will be just fine by me. Going to this trip opened my eyes not only in terms of dietary meals, but a lot more than I can rattle off in one post. I am learning more and more, how easy it is to cease the experiences and make the most out of them.

Until next time,

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09 March, 2014  

Eat, Pray, LOVE

It has been about a week since I posted! It's exam week and I'm trying my best to catch up and to find myself in the chaos. There has been a flurry of events that have happened. This past weekend, I got the opportunity to attend a leadership and diversity conference. The experience did so much more for me that I could have ever imagined. It forced me to confront issues that I wasn't heeding as a woman, student, black woman, etc.  The conference gave me so many visions and ideas for my future. (You might be able to tell my excitement, idk)
In the same vein, my philosophy has always been: Take advantage of each opportunity given to. Currently, I've been like like that window of what I viewed as "opportunities"has been opened up it's supply of options. I am also learning the importance and ability to say "no" to certain opportunities. I've learned that it's ok to say no and to think about what is best for me not what someone else thinks or what "may look good." While I always consider myself as an adventurer and explorer, I have changed my outlook a bit. I've learned that I can "explore" by throwing myself into a new book, and that "adventuring" does not necessarily mean buying tickets to Paris and even hiking down to Florida. Sometimes, the adventure is right in front of you, but it all depends on what you do with it. For me, I plan to do a lot of things over the next year, just tune in.

In the meanwhile: I will continue my time being in good company

Pho D'Lite: (Top) Shrimp Pho (Bottom) Summer Spring Roll
It was delicious, everyone!! ^_^

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14 February, 2014  

Stories of Valentines Day's Past 2.14.14


This title is kind of a joke because I am 102% sure that I have never recognized Valentine's day in my past years except for eating the heart-shaped candies that my little siblings brought home from school. I so vividly remember those Valentine's Day cards  that our third-grade teachers made us make for our fellow classmates. I remember my first puppy love "crush." I made sure I gave him a card with a hand-made heart and my oh-so-cool signature. I would give him the occasional eye when he wasn't looking in my direction. Fast forward to now, I still find myself sneaking looks at attractive men for the eye candy and nothing else. These are just a few snapshots of how I spent my valentine's Day. I bought myself flowers about two days ago because I got a $3 vase at Target and I refused to neglect them. They make me smile and give me another reason to take pictures. I tried my best to stay off social networks, but being the hopeless romantic that I am, I had to. And boy, I was not disappointed. People are really cute. And love is really cute. I'm heading out to dinner later with a friend (pictures are to follow). I just find it inspiring to see love in young peers. There's a certain rush that you get from having another person to kick it with. I don't find myself in a rush to get into a relationship (read previous blog post). But I should start getting ready so I should probably stop listening to my Pandora playlist and take a shower.

It was a great night!!

Who was your first "grade-school" Valentine?

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02 February, 2014  

To Live: 2. To Live is to Breathe

 Mushroom ravioli with Vodka Blush sauce
Grilled salmon with vegetables

Carrying on with this "to live" series, I figured the above picture would compliment it quite nicely. Please visit my last post, if slightly confused. I think that another definition of living is breathing. What do I mean by that? Living is to breathe in all the experiences and sights and sounds that come with all the events of life. To breathe is to immerse yourselves in the experiences that you take part in like you are a foreigner in a new country with little language proficiency. To live is to breathe it all in..
On a technical note (aside from my philosophical theories), A few friends and I went out to eat earlier this week. My semester just started on the 27th, so it was a nice way to go into the semester. It was a good break from the mediocre college food that I was eating when living with my older brother. Socially, I find myself more willing to go out and participate in social activities than before. It seems to be more of a balancing act between academic, psychological  and social life. When I say psychological, I mean that I've learned to take time out for myself and get some "me time." I've learned over time that at the end of the day, it is you who runs your life and makes the major decisions. Therefore, it is essential to have some time to yourself to either debrief, breakdown, relax and so on. That part to me is so important. Although, I am a self-proclaimed extrovert; I don't mind retreating to a hermit shell for a few days if it means a sound mind. Overall, I have been holding up. I feel a bit behind in my academic work (I know it is the first week), so I'll have to spend some time catching up. In order news, I feel good about this upcoming semester! I hope all is well on your end.

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10 December, 2013  

The Bean Curd of my Desire

And the weekend is complete! I went to Chinatown, DC (hence the title) and went to dinner to celebrate a friends belated birthday. It was nice to break away from the pace of classes and the "norm." We ate at Nando's, this Portuguese spot in DC. I had a perfectly seasoned veggie burger and rice. My friends all had Nando's grilled chicken, of course. It was a great time of laughter and friends. With classes ending this week and finals next week, I'm feeling in the reflective state. Overall, this school year and my God has been good to me. Actually, I would say that the last couple of years have been good to me. I definitely wouldn't say that it has been filled with endless joy and excitement. But I've realized that in order to appreciate the "ups" in life, you have to know the "downs." And I am grateful for those "downs" and low points. If my next series of posts is at the beginning of January, don't be surprised because I am sure to begin my hibernation after exams. 

"Fortify yourself with contentment, for this is an impregnable fortress." - Epictetus

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07 December, 2013  

And the End Begins

* A lil' update: I am team #iPhone, officially! I used to despise Apple's phone quality but they've improved greatly over the years, and that excites me.

I have officially started the weekend off with movie-night (OK, more like Real Housewives of Atlanta night, but you get the point) and dinner with good friends. This week has been a filled and busy week (what's news haha), and I really was waiting for Friday to roll around the corner. I had a big test this Friday, and the professor posted grades later that night (technology is really on a different level these days). However, I faired well. Additionally, today was the last day of the "Fall" portion of my internship. I will resume in the Spring semester. Our main manger coordinated a final meeting. It was a good excuse to eat pizza and discuss internship experiences with the other interns. Overall, the weekend has just begun.

I think it is quite appropriate to direct you all to Drake's "Versace." 

You're welcome.

Have a great weekend everyone xx

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08 September, 2013  






I write to you as a survivor of first week of classes! It wasn't all that morbid. My classes are all straight forward- which is great because it leaves little room for confusion afterwards. I am making friends here and there. Still trying to get a balance of both academics (come first) and social life. Anyways, I headed to DC with my brother for a short trip. Another convenience of my university- close proximity to DC. We headed to the National Gallery of Art (see the first series of pictures). We barely scraped the surface when we visited. It is a pretty detailed and thorough museum. There is also an outside garden portion. I think touring the museum will wait for another day. Later we walked down to a local shop - Shake and Shack. They had great food! They even had a mushroom burger for people like me. While my brother and I sat down to enjoy our food, an interesting thing happened. As I dove into my 'shroom burger, my brother says "do you hear that??". As I stopped and turned my head, I hear this loud stomping- almost like an army is stomping through the streets. We turn and there is a massive anti-syria protest marching through the streets. What are the odds right? I'll finish this story in a secondary blog post.

Until then,

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