25 June, 2014  

To Find Joy in the Little Things

Having this summer break has afforded me with the opportunity to take a break and unlearn my high pressure and tense habits. It has been tough. For the first few weeks in June, I focused mostly on working and checking off my daily to-do list. I found myself almost in the position of a "lifer", working (albeit, productive work) from 7 to 8, then starting back up the next day.  At times, it is nice to be isolated, but at others, it can be the pit of a fruit. Seeking inspiration, I bought a new canvas and new paint tools. Once I get a new sketchbook, I will be set. It is just good to get back to habits that were great tranquilizers, even when I didn't know it. At times, this blog provides a similar sentiment, however, it gets tough when you lack inspiration or you find yourself stifled by your environment to articulate your thoughts. Art has never done those things for me.

I met with my language partner (a program on campus, that connects international students with English students to advance proficiency in English) to have dinner. She texted me earlier that day that she was going grocery shopping to cook us a meal. I was so excited to enjoy an authentic Chinese meal, I made sure to confirm. I arrived at her place with gusto, ready to trying out her cooking. First and foremost, I am amazed with people who have some knowledge of the kitchen and its' tools. It is pretty inspiring to see people who can focus on one goal for more than 10 minutes. I'd like to invite her to enjoy some authentic Ghanaian food, but who am I kidding? I would hate for her to arrive at my place in total disappointment at the abundance of fried plantains and filler foods, in substitution for proficient and advanced cuisine. This might explain why I'm a part time food blogger?

Anyway, speaking of food.. I should have more posts on local spots and the good places to eat on a dime! The "college struggle" hasn't hit my summer paycheck yet, however, it's coming! So I do keep a budget in mind when eating out with friends. My time is much more loose in the coming month, so I should have time to explore cuisine outside of the bounds of College Park.

So back to this blog title! Why the little things? It's the little things that we often oversee in favor of grander gestures or larger-than-life debuts. It is because of the little features of life that we find inspiration, courage and hope. And at times, it is at fault of those little things that we attribute our mistakes towards. I found my "little thing" today. I decided to have dinner with a friend and have stimulating conversation. To simply put it: I enjoyed their presence. Their gesture of preparing one more cup of ingredients for an additional mouth was more than enough for me to feel appreciated. Am I getting too deep?

Until my next epiphany,

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