02 February, 2014  

To Live: 2. To Live is to Breathe

 Mushroom ravioli with Vodka Blush sauce
Grilled salmon with vegetables

Carrying on with this "to live" series, I figured the above picture would compliment it quite nicely. Please visit my last post, if slightly confused. I think that another definition of living is breathing. What do I mean by that? Living is to breathe in all the experiences and sights and sounds that come with all the events of life. To breathe is to immerse yourselves in the experiences that you take part in like you are a foreigner in a new country with little language proficiency. To live is to breathe it all in..
On a technical note (aside from my philosophical theories), A few friends and I went out to eat earlier this week. My semester just started on the 27th, so it was a nice way to go into the semester. It was a good break from the mediocre college food that I was eating when living with my older brother. Socially, I find myself more willing to go out and participate in social activities than before. It seems to be more of a balancing act between academic, psychological  and social life. When I say psychological, I mean that I've learned to take time out for myself and get some "me time." I've learned over time that at the end of the day, it is you who runs your life and makes the major decisions. Therefore, it is essential to have some time to yourself to either debrief, breakdown, relax and so on. That part to me is so important. Although, I am a self-proclaimed extrovert; I don't mind retreating to a hermit shell for a few days if it means a sound mind. Overall, I have been holding up. I feel a bit behind in my academic work (I know it is the first week), so I'll have to spend some time catching up. In order news, I feel good about this upcoming semester! I hope all is well on your end.

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20 July, 2012  

Finding the Good in 'Goodbye'.

Finding the Good in 'Goodbye'. It's such an interesting concept isn't it?
For me personally. It took a long time for me to really accept that sometimes, certain people leaving your life would only lead to the better. For the longest time I always hated good-byes because it meant the ending of relationships, and looking back at the memories wondering what happened. It almost always felt like an oxymoron- good bye. But at what point do we begin to look at these departures as well wishes instead of scornful leaves? Still to this day, there are some 'goodbyes' that lay heavy on my heart. Albeit some people are just better apart than together, sometimes people take time apart and come together for the dual good. And I've grown to realize that some people don't really "change", they just grow. And growth has never been a bad thing. It's just that some people well, grow apart too.

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