23 February, 2014  



Again, I keep reminding myself that it's all about finding the little treasures in the most unsuspecting places. As a typical college student, I'm succumbed to the repetitive meals of my dining hall and the occasional night out. Well, today was the exception. I was visiting a friend earlier that weekend and I noticed that she had a few items from the organic store. We decided to take a trip the next day. I surely don't regret it! Back in my hometown, there was a Mom's Organic Store which was my saving grace in a meat-consuming household. Upon arriving to college, I realized that my options were again restricted. But I happy to report that upon taking a short metro bus ride along a short, beaten-off path that describes a borough of D.C., we were able to find Yes! Organic. I wanted to take more pictures inside, but I was too amazed! We picked up good stuff and headed back. The total came to a decent amount. From previous shopping experience in organic stores,I wanted my budget and model like.

On an aside, I'm so grateful that I have a steady on-campus job, where I am able to fit things like this into my budget. Just another blessing that is worth counting to me. I will be posting again very soon, about something in the works regarding my "travels" section. 

Until then,

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