26 December, 2013  

I'll Be Home for the Holidays.

Straight off the heels of final exam, I am excited to celebrate! I went to visit family for the holiday break. It's a bittersweet feeling when you come home from university. Part of you is excited to come home and see everyone, partially because of we're escaping exhaustion and irritation that college brings- bad/fattening diner food, flatmates, grades, lack of personal space and so on. Thus, home is an escape and humble abode. Then (personally), after about 3 days of being home, I'm left irritated and annoyed, preferring my dorm. It's funny or rather ironic because the feelings are never form ungratefulness but it's about getting into the swing of things. It's the never-ending pendulum, aye? Anyways, I'm feeling a bit down after visiting my family members. We don't get to see them very often, and we more recently began getting in touch with them. I'll console myself with youtube vids from my favorite youtubers. Overall it was a great holiday. Hope you're having a great holiday!

New Year, new do! #weavegamekilla

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25 October, 2013  

Let Me Count the Roses of my Life

Hello Lovebugs,

In other news, my career prospects have surmised. I now intern at a global international education organization in D.C. My last internship dealt with aspects of education but not on such a huge global scale. It is really exciting to be part of an organization that advocated for lessening the gap between education inequalities. I feel as though, that is  a problem that I will be working with in the future. I am working through some brainstorming stages right now and decided how to combat such a problem on a local scale.

My personal and social life has gotten "better." I am coming out of my academic shell, quite a bit and attending functions. I even went to the club for the first time! That was a thrilling experience. I love to get down on the dance floor. My love life is..... at a standstill more or less. I am not exactly looking - I mean my prospects are not all that tempting. But maybe just a holler or two! haha only half serious.

Overall, I have been pretty well. I'm learning to lean more on God's understanding. I etched the verse, Philippians 4:13, "I do all things through Christ who strengthens me." I have this problem with taking the initiative and feeling as though, it is all my responsibility. But I am becoming to realize that this is not the case. And that is not only okay but completely necessary to lean on to Him..

Until Then,

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22 April, 2013  

Take me on a Trip

I'd like to go someday...

I've realized that when you're given an opportunity. To take it.

I came home with a feeling of gratefulness, and fatigue! In all honesty, I hope to have more trips like this. Whether they are excursions or long stays, I want to get more opportunities as such. My naive mind has so much to learn and observe. Of course, if I was given a round trip ticket back to my home, Ghana, I wouldn't deny it. But, if God blessed me with a volunteering opportunity abroad, or work, or schooling, or life, or love. Who am I to deny that? Maybe that is a question I have to question Him with. And I will be going to another VegFest this weekend (Read my VegFest previous post), so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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