20 April, 2014  

To Live: It's important to constantly add to your definition of "living."


As continued, on the "what is living" series, we are joined by college blogger Sade and her endless adventures. haha.. just kidding. I am not Dr. Phil, and this is not a therapy and counseling show. All jokes aside, I went on a long-awaited hiking trip to Shenandoah National Park. My legs and underarm are definitely still in pain. We went on a 2 day trip, which included camping. I went with a close friend of mine because we both wanted to try something different and experience "the Great Outdoors." Our actual hike started at 2:45AM... Yes, you read that right. 2:45AM. We wanted to leave early in order to catch the sunrise at the peak of the mountain. Originally, when I signed up for the trip, I suspected some level of difficulty (I mean we are in the outdoors). But during the 3 hour hike uphill, I was doubting myself to why I would put myself through this slow and fast-pacing pain. As we went into our 2nd hour of hiking, group morale was fairly high but I was already reflecting on the beautiful hike down and getting some breakfast. Unfortunately, the group had other plans. I pushed myself through it until we reached the very top of a mountain. Isn't that insane? We literally reached the top of the mountain. It was a rewarding and enlightening experience. Biggest lesson learned: it's completely okay to push yourself. Challenge is good. This "what is living series" will continue through different events but in a less consistent form that they usually have been. And for those wondering what food I ate, we all pitched in and put sides to make one big burrito line, it was glorious. Tip: Try burritos with chickpeas, won't regret it. Until then, I'm outtie.


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15 April, 2014  

To Live: Concrete Playhouse 4.15.14.

42nd Street
Champ's Family Bakery, Brooklyn, New York 11211
Champ's Family Bakery, Brooklyn, New York 11211

Chinatown market

This past weekend, I went on a day-trip to New York with a few of my fellow herbivore friends (vegan/vegetarian). We're all part of an on-campus group and decided to head up to NY (a place known for awesome veg options) to try out some great food. SO yes, I can officially say that I have traveled for my food. A bit insane. Glutton? no. Shameless? hell yeah. Honestly, I thought of this trip as just a cheap option to hop on and visit a cool city. I really left a bit different. As a vegetarian for 5 years and still going, I could never see myself as a vegan. Originally, I decided to become a vegetarian because of the overwhelming products and chemicals used in farming and meat processing. It was nauseating to imagine myself putting in these harmful chemicals into my body. Nevertheless, when the question of veganism came up, I wondered why people would torture themselves to a rabbit myself with few luxuries like peanut butter. How ironic, right? I'm sure people would say the same about vegetarians. Anyways, as I write this blog post, I find myself leaning towards a vegan lifestyle. I'm testing out the waters a few days a week to see how it goes. If it something that I do once or twice a week (vegan mondays, etc), that will be just fine by me. Going to this trip opened my eyes not only in terms of dietary meals, but a lot more than I can rattle off in one post. I am learning more and more, how easy it is to cease the experiences and make the most out of them.

Until next time,

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09 April, 2014  

To Live: Festival of Colors

Life is all about the experiences, right?

Last week, in the midst a mountain of homework and study groups, I decided to take an hour and a half to celebrate this holiday. For those who don't know, Holi is a hindu festival that marks the beginning of new year to many Hindus, as well as a way to reset and renew ruptured relationships, end conflicts from the past. Previously, I heard of the holiday but it was never something of valid interest to me. However, being in college has inspired me to take even more action than before. And anyone who knows me personally, who refer to me as a self-appointed go-getter/action-taker. It was cool to see many non-hindus at the event celebrating with their hindu friends or others regardless of religious affiliations or deities. As I write this post, it makes me think of what diversity is to others and does diversity always have to refer to culture or ethnic belongings? That topic is truly a post or a master's thesis in itself. Anyways, I apologize for the extremely delayed post, but I'm hoping that you can understand the plate that I'm eating off this week (quite full!). I'll be heading to NY solely for a food tour (yes, I know #shamelessglutton or #bountifulexplorer?) with a few of my vegan/vegetarian peeps. I hope to get some cool pics out of that, if I'm not too consumed with the glorious food options.


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02 February, 2014  

To Live: 2. To Live is to Breathe

 Mushroom ravioli with Vodka Blush sauce
Grilled salmon with vegetables

Carrying on with this "to live" series, I figured the above picture would compliment it quite nicely. Please visit my last post, if slightly confused. I think that another definition of living is breathing. What do I mean by that? Living is to breathe in all the experiences and sights and sounds that come with all the events of life. To breathe is to immerse yourselves in the experiences that you take part in like you are a foreigner in a new country with little language proficiency. To live is to breathe it all in..
On a technical note (aside from my philosophical theories), A few friends and I went out to eat earlier this week. My semester just started on the 27th, so it was a nice way to go into the semester. It was a good break from the mediocre college food that I was eating when living with my older brother. Socially, I find myself more willing to go out and participate in social activities than before. It seems to be more of a balancing act between academic, psychological  and social life. When I say psychological, I mean that I've learned to take time out for myself and get some "me time." I've learned over time that at the end of the day, it is you who runs your life and makes the major decisions. Therefore, it is essential to have some time to yourself to either debrief, breakdown, relax and so on. That part to me is so important. Although, I am a self-proclaimed extrovert; I don't mind retreating to a hermit shell for a few days if it means a sound mind. Overall, I have been holding up. I feel a bit behind in my academic work (I know it is the first week), so I'll have to spend some time catching up. In order news, I feel good about this upcoming semester! I hope all is well on your end.

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