10 May, 2014  

Passport Adventures

We stopped to eat at Zorba's Cafe (GREAT food btw). This Greek and meditterean place was absolutely delicious. I had such Greek fever that I actually went home to watching a classic favorite of mine, My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

I had such a great day with my friend and new blogger, Ambra. It's so funny how friendships start out. I met this bubbling soul last summer, while beginning my first semester as an undergraduate student. It wasn't until this semester, that our relationship has begun to bloom as we discover our common identities and interests. This past saturday, we decided to embark on the PassportDC's embassy tour. We had the goal of visiting each other's residential embassies, with Ambra's being Albania and mine being Ghana. We were able to visit a few other embassies along the way before reaching each others. Unfortunately, we were unable to reach Ghana's for its' distance was too far and with rumbling stomachs, we had to make a decision. Overall, it was a great day to take a break and destress from the chaos of courses. We got some really great pictures out of them, hope you enjoy.

Until then.

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09 March, 2014  

Eat, Pray, LOVE

It has been about a week since I posted! It's exam week and I'm trying my best to catch up and to find myself in the chaos. There has been a flurry of events that have happened. This past weekend, I got the opportunity to attend a leadership and diversity conference. The experience did so much more for me that I could have ever imagined. It forced me to confront issues that I wasn't heeding as a woman, student, black woman, etc.  The conference gave me so many visions and ideas for my future. (You might be able to tell my excitement, idk)
In the same vein, my philosophy has always been: Take advantage of each opportunity given to. Currently, I've been like like that window of what I viewed as "opportunities"has been opened up it's supply of options. I am also learning the importance and ability to say "no" to certain opportunities. I've learned that it's ok to say no and to think about what is best for me not what someone else thinks or what "may look good." While I always consider myself as an adventurer and explorer, I have changed my outlook a bit. I've learned that I can "explore" by throwing myself into a new book, and that "adventuring" does not necessarily mean buying tickets to Paris and even hiking down to Florida. Sometimes, the adventure is right in front of you, but it all depends on what you do with it. For me, I plan to do a lot of things over the next year, just tune in.

In the meanwhile: I will continue my time being in good company

Pho D'Lite: (Top) Shrimp Pho (Bottom) Summer Spring Roll
It was delicious, everyone!! ^_^

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