18 November, 2014  

Breaking Bread.

Tanzinya: Great and inexpensive restaurant!

I caught up with some of my good friends to "break bread" and enjoy our conversations as usual. The past week came with its typical amount of stress. I have been learning and implementing a more stress-free life. I think that also involves more time spent with those who matter. In a way, I consider that a time out for myself. I appreciate that the people that I have in my life are willing to engage in authentic discussion with me. Often, I find it incredibly easy to get swept up in the concerns of everyday. I've been learning more and more to enjoy the dailies of life and friends. I'm still working on the family part.

-38 days until Ghana

with love,

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10 November, 2014  

Where the storm blows, it will find peace.

" Where the storm blows, it will find peace.
Where the wind blows, you can find me. "

I remember a little post this past summer, I made a post about saving up for a trip to Ghana to go see my family. Well the time has come for an appropriate homecoming. For too many nights, my heart yearned for the laughter of my little cousins, the eager smile of my aunts and the corny jokes of my dad. December, I'm coming.


photos via http://ghanailoveyou.tumblr.com/

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26 October, 2014  

You are given this world and this life.

Indiana University

Ronald Reagan Airport
This weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a conference centered around public policy and international affairs. More specifically, it had a theme around inclusion and expanding the policy and IR field. I was extremely looking forward to the conference because I was at a tough time in my academics where I was deciding between one field of study and another. I had consulted the guidance of mentors, advisors, family and friends. But I was still conflicted. I am glad to say that I was able to determine a path through this opportunity. It won't be an easy one but I will be satisfied with my decision through God and the help of my network of colleagues, friends and family. Additionally, I feel extremely content. I was blessed to have been given this experience. I was able to meet with scholars from Brown, Rice, UCLA, Berkeley, Rutgers U, U of Florida, and so many others.

I also feel as though this was a spiritual journey as well. It should not sound weird because spirituality and our souls are tied into every facet of our lives. We all individually have a destiny. Once we are able to discover our destiny, we will be able to vigorously move toward our dreams and goals with a fervent manner and dedication. And the world will meticulously help you to achieve that personal destiny.

Anyway, I leave with a quote.
"Don't be scared to fail and fail fast. Because we're not perfect and will never be so. When you fail you're preparing the launching pad for your greatest successes."
With Love,

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19 October, 2014  

We never know how high we are (1176)

Emily Dickinson1830 - 1886
We never know how high we are  
  Till we are called to rise;  
And then, if we are true to plan,  
  Our statures touch the skies—  
The Heroism we recite
  Would be a daily thing,  
Did not ourselves the Cubits warp  
  For fear to be a King—